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Equipment Recommendations

​Provided:​ Registration covers a jersey & hat for every player. Teams at every level will have access to helmets & some bats that are provided by the league. Catcher gear is also provided by the league.

​Required:​ Each player will need their own glove. Boys will need a protective cup once at the Minors level & above. Baseball pants are encouraged once a player reaches Minors & required in Majors and above. For minors and majors players, we prefer a “baseball gray” pant.  For t-ball and instructional, baseball pants are optional. 

​Optional:​ Some parents choose to provide a personal helmet & bat for their player. Baseball cleats aren't required, but recommended once players reach Minors & above. Backpack-sized gear bags can be helpful to carry a player's gear to & from the ball field. Players that play catcher regularly sometimes get their own gear.

Bat Information: Bats used in t-ball, instructional, minors, and majors MUST BE "USA BAT" stamped.  Please see more info here:


Duluth Little League baseball divisions

All ages are based upon the Little League Age Chart Listed Above


T-ball is best for kids who have not yet played any organized baseball. Our youngest players, usually 4-6 years old, typically benefit from at least one year in T-ball. Players are introduced to the basic rules and concepts of play as well as the basics for fielding, hitting, and throwing. Outs and runs are not recorded and each player gets a chance to hit every inning. Games last no longer than one hour.


Season:  Practices start in mid to late May with games starting around the first week of June. The season runs through the end of July with each team playing around 6-8 games.  Count on 1 games per week, as well as 1 practice a week.


Teams at this level still focus on the basics, but now work on hitting a coach's pitch. Defensive outs are counted in this level and sometimes the Tee is used to help build batting confidence. Fundamentals such as proper throwing, base running, fielding, and catching will be a primary focus of this division. Children ages 6-8 typically play the Instructional level and games usually last one hour. Players start to record outs, back up plays, and try to hit the ball farther. 


Season: Practices start in mid-to end of May with games starting about 1 week later. The season runs until through July with each team playing around 8-10 games. Count on at least one practice per week, and 1-2 games per week.


At the Minors level we see play on the field that more resembles everyday baseball. Fielding skills have improved, batters can hit an overhand or fast pitch, and most rules and concepts of play are understood by the players. The players pitch at this level.  Ages range from 8-10 years old in Minors, although 8 year-olds need to have 2 years of baseball experience that doesn’t include Tball. 11 year olds may play Minors if they aren't selected for a Majors team. 12 year olds can play Minors at parent request if they have limited baseball experience &/or skill. There are no tryouts for Minors, but players will be assessed by coaches during early group practices to make sure abilities are spread as evenly among the teams as possible. 


Season: Practices start in late April to early May with games starting around mid- May. The season runs through July with each team playing 12-14 games. Games run about 1.5 hours, and players can expect 1-2 practices a week as well as regular games twice per week. Players selected for the 10 year old all-star team will have additional registration cost, playing into early August.


This level is considered the traditional Little League division of play. Players must have developed good fielding and hitting skills to qualify for the Majors. Players do 100% of the pitching, the speed of the ball in play is much faster, and players will typically be expected to have a higher level of commitment for all games and practices. Majors is for players ages 11-12. Players age 11-12 are automatically eligible for play at the Majors level but must still attend skills assessments in order for coaches to properly disperse the 12 year olds among teams based upon talent. Players who are Little League age 10 may attend skills assessments for majors and will be rostered on teams dependent on skill level, number of teams, and league needs.  


Season: Practices start in mid to late April with games starting around early to mid-May. The season runs through July with each team playing 12-14 games. Games run about 1.5 hours, and players can expect 1-2 practices a week as well as regular games twice per week. Players selected for age-based all-star teams will have additional registration cost, playing into early August.

Modified field / 13's

13 year olds will play on a modified (50-70) sized field.  Travel to nearby fields/games should be expected for this level.  












All baseball divisions are available for both boys and girls.

Start dates for each division are weather-dependent